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Disaster Relief

In time of disaster, there is no better caterer to rely on than San Francisco Puffs & Stuff, Inc. Unlike so many caterers who became “disaster caterers overnight”, San Francisco Puffs & Stuff has operated outdoor events since 1982 in every type of weather condition, serving tens of thousands of patrons across the Country. Our experience and dedication insure that those who have been affected by a major disaster will be served quality food – with food safety being paramount. San Francisco Puffs & Stuff is equipped to operate up to six kitchens, each offering either buffet service from 500 and up or master food production kitchens, capable of preparing 50,000 meals per day, per kitchen, to be delivered to those in need.

Our reputation over the past 31 plus years has been one of integrity and quality. We are registered with the CCR (Central Contractor Registration), FEMA, the Red Cross and Charles Martin Events.

During Hurricane Gustav, we served thousands of meals to energy workers in Louisiana. San Francisco Puffs & Stuff, Inc. will do whatever it takes to meet the needs of our client. After Hurricane Gustav, we were catering three meals per day for a 1,000 person “work camp”. The day before our kitchen closed, another violent storm was approaching. We had just served breakfast, the dining tents were starting to tear apart – there was mass confusion – in the end, we were ordered by the energy company to totally breakdown, to pack everything into our trucks and to take our personnel to a local mall for safety. We followed the order, totally dismantled our kitchen, packed our trucks and evacuated our personnel to the mall. By noon, we received a call to “set back up” (not an easy task) and be prepared to serve dinner to 2,000 linemen. We were ready and waiting as 1,800 tired, weather-beaten, lineman “came home for dinner”!

We are an exclusive Cheney Brothers, Inc. “in house” customer. We have the total support of Cheney Brothers, Inc. with a countless number of tractor-trailer refrigerated trucks at our service. Additionally, in the western states such as: Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, we have accounts with US Food Service and Ben E. Keith Foods, with the same fleet support.

We have over 200 personnel on “stand-by” – personnel that are “ServSafe” (or similar) trained and totally dedicated to ease the devastating affects of a disaster. Criminal background checks are done on all personnel; as well as drug-testing.

San Francisco Puffs & Stuff, Inc. has a huge inventory of cooking equipment, tents and support equipment. We specialize in “volume”. San Francisco Puffs & Stuff’s well-maintained trucks, trailers and equipment have made countless trips across our great nation. In addition, we have the support of Cheney Brothers, Inc. – with an unlimited supply of refrigerated tractor-trailers.DisasterRelief-vF